Bert Fraudster

SOME OF BERT ADDRESSES ON RECORD: Bert has an extensive history of failing to pay his rent, whereby he then occupies the premises with his family for as long as he can without paying (a squatter). After months of legal action to remove BERT from the premises, he only vacates when he finally is faced with arrest. Those who have rented to BERT have done so with huge regret for they suffered from both significant financial loss and mental anguish. They later regret that they ever met BERT.

The following are just some of BERT known addresses:

  • Also a number of other Addresses where Bert stole Family of Friends ID’s to rent and Squatted until he was evicted for non payment




FRAUDSTER (FRAUD) DEFINITION: A person who engages in fraud, especially related to business dealings. A cheat, con-man, confidence man, trickster, scammer, swindler. A person who pretends to be or do what he is not in order to trick another and steal their money or property. A swindler who creates schemes and false pretenses to gain money and property from others for his own personal gain.

The information within this website is supported by the TRUTH. The facts can be found in legal government records that are searchable by the general public.

M.O./ MODUS OPERANDI – Bert would buy cheap fake clothing and watches in the Far East that has expensive looks to it and then visits bars at lunch-time in affluent areas known for successful businessmen to frequent during lunch hours. He pretends to be a successful by driving a fancy car and fake suits (mostly) internet entrepreneur and previous professional golfer. He then befriends such businessmen in order to invest in his scheme that he would copy of pirate. The majority of the funds invested would be utilized to finance his personal life-style and the investment will never yield any return or profit. He has yet to own his own home or automobile. The vehicles he drives have been repossessed multiple times due to unpaid debt not to mention multiple evictions from
multiple counties. This information can be found on Orange County Clerk of Court Public Records. If you further the search, you will discover the same tendencies of evictions in other counties besides Orange County (for example Brevard County and others).

JUSTIFY – Bert acknowledged and justified his criminal behavior by claiming that he only steals from people that can afford it. It is clear that he begrudges successful people knowing that he can not make a honest buck and knows that he will die as a poor useless scammer.

BERT WIFE – Bert met his wife in South Africa, while he was out bar hopping in affluent areas in order to solicit “investments” from businessman, while dressed in his cheap, expensive looking outfits. He’s wife to be, would at the same time troll bars looking for rich business man with her best friend Berdine. Berdine did manage to find a married man, Marcus that was a CEO of a large company in South Africa, that later turned out to be a fraud himself by inflating results and losing Millions for its investors. Bert and Liza also spend a week with Berdine and her married boyfriend Marcus on a yacht he hired for Berdine’s birthday at an estimated amount of $ 1 Million USD for the week. Liza was working for her father before she met Bert for +- R 5000 (+-$350 USD) per month.
She has always been a problem child for her divorced parents and her father was only but glad to have Bert take over his problems. Bert now uses his wife to solicit investments from contacts she makes in the beauty industry/beauty pageantry. Both husband and wife use the Florida Beauty Pageant to infiltrate in the community to lure services/goods from small businesses and individuals. It is very shameful to see a grown daughter evolve such ugly heart to her own mom and grandmother. Mom is beyond shame of own daughter and living a nightmare life. All the expenses for Bert’s marriage to Liza was paid with money that was defrauded from a friend.

MOTHER IN LAW – Bert has lured his Mother-in-law (his wife Liza’s mother) and his wife’s Grandmother to the USA in order to “invest” all their money in one of his schemes that will never yield any return or profits. This has lead to his mother-in-law and (her mother) being stranded in the USA without money and any legal documentation to be in the USA, left in the mercy of Bert. 100% the same thing he did with Mrs Evans from whom he stole $260000. This information is still available on the Orlando Sentinel by simply googling “Orlando Sentinel Bert Golfer” in your search engine and an article published April 2000 will appear. This type of behavior is otherwise known as elder abuse which is an expectation of trust which causes considerable harm or distress to an older person.
Unfortunately for Liza’s mother and grandmother, they are basically in the USA with no funds because her own daughter and son-in-law have taken from these vulnerable old ladies. Without doubt, left with no medical care and kept hostage to take care of their grandchildren while Liza and Bert are parading in town looking for another ‘investor’ otherwise better known as victim.

PARENTS – His farther Bob, died as a poor man after turning tricks all his life, pretending to be a rich man. His mother Pik, started drinking after Bert birth, with her maternal instinct she realized that she gave birth to a waist for society and drank herself to death with the guilt that she brought Bert into this life.

BANK FRAUD – Bert used staff like Bank Managers, Mike from Bank of America to steal funds from victims accounts. Bert would supply Mike, Cialis and Viagra due to his incompetency caused by steroids use for his body-building. Bert is also suspected to try and steal money from acquaintances he knew from years ago. (also from South Africa)

BROTHER-IN-LAW – Bert also lured his brother-in-law (his wife’s brother) – another victim with promises to invest in another scheme that will never yield any profit of returns. This left him without money after Bert spend it on his own lifestyle. His brother-in-law had to return to South Africa without any money. Even after defrauding his brother-in-law out his money, Bert would still requested brother-in-law to pressure his sister (Liza) to have sex with him. (Bert). Other acquaintances have also come from South Africa with promises of work and pay. They come to USA because of Bert promising a package of hope. This young couple works for months with no pay, to only realize they have been conned and return back home to South Africa.

SONS – Bert would for years steal his children’s electronic toys to pawn for cash. Bert forced his youngest son to make contact with him, while he was a minor, his youngest son now wants nothing or very little to do with him. His elder son is still being used by Bert to solicit investments (con people for money) from his own connections and acquaintances his makes. The elder son is a very kind hearted young man with an upbringing of an evil father. He has been manipulated by own father for years and twists stories to his own son to make him believe otherwise. Just like Bert controlling former wife and current wife, he controls and continues to manipulate his son. The elder son who is a professional golfer has been greatly affected in the golf industry because of Bert. He is not able to take his golf to the next level because of Bert involvement. He depletes and steals his own children’s money for his own selfish needs. He (elder son) has golf sponsors and many affluent acquaintances/friends that include doctors and attorneys that Bert interferes with and finds a way to take money from. It is also unfortunate that own father would do this to his own son. Bert has burned most of his bridges (connections) himself. Luckily for the elder son, he is with a girlfriend for many years who supports him and is good to him. She too is kind hearted like elder son and highly educated in healthcare. But it is a matter of time Bert involvement will disturb this relationship because Bert is good at ruining good things for his own son. We are investigating and trying to make contact to see if girlfriend has been affected or been a victim of any business propaganda as Bert always manages to extract money from any relations his son has.

SOUTH AFRICAN ARMY – Bert had to do 2 years compulsory army, but pretended to be a Professional Golfer, and faked a back injury in order to avoid training like the rest of the troops. He also bribed high ranking officials with holiday trips and other gifts, in order to receive favorable treatment and avoid danger.




SUN CITY – SOUTH AFRICA SCAM – Stay tuned for updates.

SOUTH AFRICAN TAX – Stay tuned for updates.

CREDIT CARD MONEY LAUNDERING – With his sister. Stay tuned for updates.

Other sources have documented BERT FRAUD to include the Orlando Sentinel where BERT was arrested and charged with FELONY CRIME for swindling a crippled, elderly, woman and widow of a US Air Force officer out of her life savings of $198,000 by means of duping her to “invest” in his “business”. also fraudulently duped an additional $60,000 from the same woman when he “help” the elderly woman relocate from Orlando, FL to Texas. That’s right… $60,000 to move from Florida to Texas!!!! Bert defrauded upward of $260,000 from a crippled 80 year old widow, her entire life savings!! After fleeing the USA to South Africa in order to avoid prosecution , Bert left his wife and children in the USA on their own. Bert was then extradited back to the USA. In order to avoid jail time, Bert convinced his brother, sister and Brother-in-law Pieter (Rodney and Lynette to borrow him the money to repay his victim in order to avoid sentencing, Bert has to this day not repaid anything to them, leaving bad blood) See Orlando Sentinel Article the is also reported in the NY Daily News at When Bert realized and suspected that the Police will arrest him for defrauding Mrs Evans, he took his toddler son with him with the hope that the Police will be lenient on him. He had no regard for his child’s well being, but was only thinking about himself.

Notice: The United States Supreme Court set the defense against a defamation claim (libel or slander) long go: TRUTH is the complete and full-proof defense of a defamation claim to include both libel or slander in the landmark case of New York Times Co. v. Sullivan 376 US 254 (1964). This means that the plaintiff need to have the strongest set of facts to establish libel or slander with evidence of the defamatory statements and proof that the statements are substantially false. However, they need not be 100% false (“Substantial Truth Doctrine”); that if the “gist” of the statements made is true, that would be enough to defend against a defamation claim; Masson v. New Yorker Magazine 501 US 496, 571 (1991).

This website was copied from that was removed by the owner after Bert agreed to pay back some of the money he stole from the publisher. This website is dedicated to BERT who has devoted his entire life to committing FRAUD in his business dealings.

BERT’s LIFE OF FRAUD is TRUE and FACTUAL. He makes on-going and considerable efforts to hide the FRAUD that he has done by way of stealing money from numerous good people and always under false pretenses of fraudulent schemes. He also filed for bankruptcy. Documented examples of BERT FRAUD can be found in government – legal court cases in several counties throughout Florida, particularly in Orange County (Orlando) Florida.

BERT has earned very little money honestly in his lifetime. In recent years Bert started stealing website or App ideas and then sells it off as his own idea. Bert then gets investors to develop an app or domain and investors never see a dime in return on their investment. Bert also claims exorbitant high development cost, but then cheats the offshore developers (India, Pakistan etc.) and pays them very little or nothing for their work. NONE of Bert’s Investors for the past 30 years has seen any return on investment. (we requested Bert to provide us with one investors name that made any profit or received their investment back during his 30 years of doing business and Bert could provide none)The majority of the money he obtained has been through fraudulent “business” dealings. Records show that he has lived in numerous places in Central Florida & South Florida. His most resent has an extensive and documented history of not paying his rent where he then becomes a squatter and only flees once he is threatened with conviction after months of costly legal battles and aggravation to get him evicted. He is now fleeing from place to place in Florida with his second wife, Liza (who helps him in all of his dealings). His method of doing “business” is to use his fraudulent background of being wealthy, “professional golfer”, and have dealings with well known people such as Donald Trump. He then convinces good people to invest in one of his empty companies or schemes of obtaining huge wealth and prosperity. is relentless in his pursuit to defraud the innocent out of as much money as he can get for his own personal gain. He will have several “business schemes” going at the same time, most – if not all, are based on or include FRAUD. Lately, he has been using his adult son’s name, to promote his fraudulent businesses and dupe others out of money. Bert claims that he is worth millions and that he illegally diverted over $2 million US dollars to both Switzerland and the Bahamas where he claims to have “advertising business(s)”. He has very bad credit, drives a used Kia, owns no real estate, has a criminal record with felony arrests, goes by several aliases, has been sued several times for business fraud and lost with court judgments against him, and has been evicted for not paying his rent numerous times. When those who don’t know him see BERT , he continually gives the FALSE appearance of an honorable and successful man and dupes most who he meets into think that. BERT IS A FRAUD!! He has made a career out of FRAUD and defrauding money from people is how he exists in life. His only true accomplishment with proof thereof is that he has stolen much money and caused grave aggravation for many people for nearly 25 years. He will never be able to repay the many people who he defrauded throughout his lifetime (to include some of his own family members).

Please share your story, this is the only way to stop Bert as he has nothing on his name to sue for

ABOUT BERT : Bert was born in August of 1964 in South Africa where he claims to have been a professional PGA golfer. However, an extensive Google and Bing search had no results or findings to support that ever played professional golf. He immigrated to the United States in the 1990s as Apartheid came to and end. attempt to become a professional golfer in the U.S resulted in failure, so he pursued various “business ventures”. He lives in Florida and had a problematic divorce from his first wife , with whom he had two children. According to Orange County Florida court records, Bert continually did not support his children and failed to pay their child support for long periods of time. His Ex-Wife repeatedly had to take Bert back to court to force him to pay support for his own children, which he often avoided to do until the point of facing incarceration. Bert would spend large sums of money on attorneys fee’s in order to fight child support, rather than just paying the wasted money to his ex-wife for supporting his children in their needs. In 2011, Bert married a second time to a younger woman (Liza who is also from South Africa. Together they have two children. Various sources show that Bert (along with his co-conspirator wife created many “businesses” over the years, most, if not all went out of business soon after they were created.

CRIMINAL RECORDS: BERT has made significant effort to suppress his criminal records and related information. FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) and the Florida Department of Corrections records show that BERT DOES HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD OF FELONIES that includes but not limited to; Florida Statute 812.014 GRAND THEFT and Florida Statute 831.01 UTTERING FORGED INSTRUMENTS (Court Record ID CRO990007720A and CRO990007721A)

The purpose of this website is only to make others aware of BERT FRAUD so they do not become his next victim whereby he dupes them from money and/or property as he has done to others time and time again. BERT made a career of doing FRAUD and many good people have suffered because of him. BERT belongs behind bars for all of the FRAUD he has done throughout his miserable life. BERT is very good at pretending to be a respectable man but in in fact, he is nothing but a FRAUD and like a shark, is on a continual search for his next victim.






Bert S(t)eale Fraud